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"Gedser Bylaug" (Gedser Guild) aims to be the link between citizens, associations and Guldborgsund municipality. To work actively for Gedser and environs positive development.

At the start of 2010 a group of local people from Gedser Guild took the initiative to start-up bicycle rental in Gedser by finding interested local businesses that would sponsor the purchase of bicycles and equipment for rental.

Gedser bicycle rental was opened in the summer 2010.

In addition to the bicycle project Gedser Guild has taken initiative to establish a Sense Garden at Prs. Alexandrine-gade. You are welcome to visit the garden and enjoy it. Notice the lamps that are set up in Gedser Market Square. The facilities for outdoor activities at Skovgaardstien as well as new initiatives that will promote Gedser and make it an even better place to live.

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You can read more about Gedser Guild here

Opening of Gedser bicycle rental 2010


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